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Whatever stage you are in, in your relationship, we are here to help.

Marriage Counseling Billings

Welcome! We work with a variety of clients here at Marriage counseling Billings MT. There is no set of circumstances you need to come here for either pre marriage counseling or marriage therapy Billings MT.

Do you wish to have more fun in your marriage, or have the ability to make a decision in your relationship without one or the other feeling attacked or minimized?

We will help you to accomplish these things plus many many more.

billings couples counseling

Couples Counseling

billings marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

billings premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Billings

billlings couples therapy

Marriage counseling Billings MT strongly believes in being the aid that our couples need to help them make positive changes in their lives by providing them with the safe space and professional therapists they need.

We are founded on values that are sure to strengthen and provide strength in your life during hard times. You become part of a wonderful community when you step into our doors.

Our goal is to be useful to you couples who feel like you are needing a boost, a glimpse of hope, or in some way a marriage makeover.

We provide different types of couples therapy services for the best couples therapy near me experience. We are client focused as we strive to make them powerful by giving them the best possible marriage advice.

We have much respect for each and every individual that steps into our offices and we make sure we treat everyone fairly and with the utmost respect.

Where respect is given respect is received and we work hard for each of our therapists to be valued and respected, as they have such a positive impact on our community. People from all of our surrounding areas love to come to our couples therapy Billings MT because of this.

Why Choose Us?

Are you wondering; “Does couples counseling help”? Let us tell you, yes it does.

Couples counseling near me is very successful in providing couples with the marriage therapy and relationship counseling Billings MT that brings them closer together as a couple and more self aware of themselves.

Some things that our clients have learned during relationship counseling are these:

  • How to interpret their partners ways of giving love
  • How to give love so that their significant other feels it
  • How their non verbal and verbal communication is affecting their spouse
  • How to work together in unity
  • How to set relationship goals
  • How to follow through on their goals that they set and see success

As you can see here we have been helping couples to achieve all of these aspects of a relationship and many more. We work with you as a team, rather than as a teacher to assist you in your relationship therapy in seeing results in your marriage.

Are you wanting to have this success and satisfaction in your relationship with your significant other? If so, then call us soon.

We will be ready to help you find hope, and to ensure a happy future for your relationship and marriage as we know how big of a part it is in your life.

What to Expect

Do you have fears of counseling or have you heard negative reviews of going to relationship therapy? If you have, those could be the factors that have been holding you back from coming to marriage therapy.

Lay all of those aside because we will help those negative thoughts you have been given become positive thoughts as you experience some amazing counseling for yourself.

We have only the best therapists that have spent years in research and also years in helping couples just like you to find pleasure and contentment once again in their relationship.

Clients all around our area love coming to us because we make it very comfortable for you and your spouse. We never put anyone on the spot and make sure you are both heard and understood in all of the thoughts and feelings that you share during your counseling sessions.

You will be seated in a nice and cozy couch or chair that will immediately allow you to relax, think, and focus. There is nothing worse than not being able to focus on something important when it is the time to focus on it, and we do our best so that you can focus.

After the first couple of sessions once your counselors know you and your spouse and how you interact, you will be able to get into the grind of the ins and outs of your issues you are dealing with in your relationship. You will see the results as you work your best to follow the counsel that you are given in counseling.

We would love to hear from you how your counseling session has had an impact on your marriage, how it has not only affected you and your life but also the life of your spouse and your family and friends around you. You will be sure to see it have an impact on everyone in your circle of life as you apply what you learn.

billings family counseling


How many times have you thought marriage is not what you thought it would be? Many of our clients have thought this and it is a very common thought to have.

We try our best to help this thought in couples therapy and also help to avoid it by providing couples with premarital counseling.

Pre Marriage Counseling Billings

At pre marriage counseling we will help to ensure your relationship so that you will have a better chance at a happy thriving and successful marriage.

We love to hear of couples that have gone to our pre marriage that are now thriving and healthy in the way that they resolve conflict.

Billings Marriage Counseling

Marriage has changed over the years on how it is viewed and maintained.

We help you close the wounds that have been caused in your relationship and help to restore the meaning of a deep and meaningful marriage in marriage counseling Billings MT.

About Billings MT

You will be amazed to hear that Billings is the largest city in Montana with only a population of 110,000 people, although it is rapidly growing. Billings has a strong economy which is great to hear in these uncertain and crazy times and it is a main railroad hub.

Billings is in Yellowstone county, so you can only imagine the beauty that surrounds us. There are incredible state parks, a zoo, caves, breathtaking hiking, and many more outdoor fun here in Billings.

Billings can get a lot of wind and can have some hot summers. Other than that your spring and fall are pretty mild. A few cities that are nearest to Billings are:

  1. Laurel, MT
  2. Shepherd, MT
  3. Park City, MT
  4. Huntley, MT
  5. Ballantine, MT
  6. Pryor, MT
  7. Molt, MT
  8. Fromberg, MT
  9. Wordne, MT
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my therapy dog?

Yes. We accept all certified therapy dogs in our office. We realize that they may bring a sense of peace and comfort to you that will assist you in opening up and talking to your counselor and your spouse when attending Billings marriage counseling. We want you to be as comfortable as possible in order to get the most out of and experience the highest amount of success possible through marriage counselling.

Is it different talking to a counselor rather than a best friend?

Yes. This is very different and let us tell you why. Your best friend will have a biased point of view because they are your best friend. Our therapists are professionals and know things about the brain and how thoughts and patterned behavior work. They have studied it in depth and have worked with clients for years to help in assisting them in strengthening their marriage. We highly recommend not talking to a best friend and talking to a counselor instead. We have seen friendships broken because of them talking to each other about their marriage problems.

Can I just go to a doctor and get medication?

Medication will simply cover up the real problem. Depending on the medication it could actually make your issues much worse. If you are having problems in your marriage and then you add medication to the mix, then your hormones will be adjusting which can cause many more marital issues. If you feel that you or a spouse may need medication, come to couples counselling and talk about it with your counselor. They can give you professional advice and treatment as to whether or not you are needing to move forward with getting medication or if you can work out what you are feeling through couples counseling Billings MT.

How long does it take to heal a relationship?

Each and every relationship is different. During relationship counselling you will discuss your desired outcome for the sessions and after tracking your progress from a few sessions your counselor can advise you as to how long they would recommend continuing couples counseling Billings MT. It depends on how much work you are willing to put into the counseling, how long you have gone without counseling, how much hurt has been done in the relationship and how much trust is needed to be rebuilt. This will take time if there are low levels of trust in a relationship.

Customer Testimonials

I am so happy that I finally found a therapist that listened to my husband and I. She didn’t pick sides and was able to help us find joy. We learned how to have fun again in our marriage! Thank you Marriage Counseling Spokane!

Susan Holly

I am so thankful for couples counseling Spokane. They were very affordable for the quality of therapy we have been receiving. We have now been going to therapy for 3 years and love the difference we have seen.

Tyson Smith

I love how kind the lady was and even the receptionist was very pleasant! She welcomed us with a warm smile and kind greeting immediately when walking in. It made us feel comfortable and like it was a safe place for us to be vulnerable. I would highly recommend couples counseling Spokane to all of my friends and family!

Kaitlyn Gunderson

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Are you ready to come and see the best therapist around at marriage counseling Spokane? We hope so because we are ready to help you with our amazing couples counseling Spokane.

Counseling services are not a one time shot. It takes multiple times meeting with our therapists to change those brain pathways that are causing the struggles you are currently experiencing.

With these stressful times we understand that the stress on relationships have also increased and need extra attention. We are quick and efficient in meeting your needs. Contact us quickly before the stressful times become increasingly worse.

Call Marriage counseling Billings MT today to get your first appointment in the books before your marriage or your relationship gets worse! You want to start as soon as possible.

Marriage Counseling Billings

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